11-27-2020 UPDATE

Due to the continuation of the "freeze", we will not be able to return to our Sunday services at this time. This is in compliance with the executive order by Governor Kate Brown. We will post updates about reopening as the date becomes available. 

We will continue to post our sermons on our websiteYouTube and Facebook by Sunday morning.

The church office will be open during regular business hours. If you have any questions please call Pastor Greg or the church office.

11-18-2020 UPDATE

In compliance with the governors executive order, we will not be meeting at the church Sunday November 22 and Sunday November 29. 

We will continue to post our sermons on our websiteYouTube and Facebook by Sunday morning.

The church office will be open during regular business hours. If you have any questions please call Pastor Greg or the church office.

5-24-2020 UPDATE

Starting Sunday, May 24th, we will return to worshiping together as a church family for those who desire! We will have multiple service times as the number of people per service will be limited. The services will be held at our church building. Childcare/Sunday School is still to be determined as we gauge volunteer availability and overall demand. 

For those who are not comfortable meeting in person, we will continue to post our sermons on our website, YouTube and Facebook by Monday morning.

3-23-2020 UPDATE

Compliance with Office of the Governor State of Oregon Executive Order NO. 20-12  (link)

As of today Governor Kate Brown has amended and updated Executive Order 20-12 in response to the coronavirus.  Please take the time to read it yourself.  

Unfortunately, the order is highly ambiguous in regard to numerous things, including its application to home churches as well as volunteers serving in non-profits in essential roles. 

For example, on page three, 1.a., the order states, “Non-essential social and recreational gatherings of individuals outside of a home or place of residence (e.g.,  parties, celebrations, or other similar gatherings and events) are prohibited immediately, regardless of size, if a distance of at least six feet between individuals cannot be maintained.” 

This could be interpreted many ways.  For instance, is our meeting together as a church in our building non-essential, solely social, and recreational?  I don’t know of any Christian that would say yes. Our fellowship is certainly social, but it’s also far more (Heb 10:24-25).  Also, it would appear a group of people 25 or less can still meet together in a building outside of their home as long as they can maintain six feet or more separation. This is easily accomplished in most church buildings given their capacity and size. Another question is does this apply to home churches at all, as the order states “outside of a home or place of residence,” not ‘your home’? Opinions will surely vary. 


Our mission is to be disciples of Jesus and make disciples of Jesus. (Matt 28:19-20). We want to be witnesses of Jesus in all we do and say. As we must make an interpretation, we do so with this in mind.

We don’t want to be known as the church that continued to meet, had people get sick, transmitted it to someone in a frail condition, and then have that person die. It would both hurt others and our testimony.  

At the same time, there is more to life than physical health. Spiritual life and fitness is essential.  So we suggest the following and will leave it up to the consciences and convictions of each individual in their context. 

  1. Continue to meet in a home with your brothers and sisters as desired if you are able to maintain the six feet boundaries mandated by the order.
  1. Connect with people outdoors, maintaining the required six feet boundaries and numerical restrictions.  This will be a huge blessing to many!   Everyone that has always wanted your church to be in the woods… here ya go… for now.
  1. Look for devotions, sermons, and worship online at our website and Youtube.  We plan to continue to produce content on a weekly basis. 
  1. Our church office will remain open during regular hours. 
  1. Our church staff and essential volunteers will continue to work within the guidelines of the executive order. 
  1. Give online or drop your offering in our secure drop box at the front of the church.  You may drop it off at the office Mondays and Tuesdays as well. 

If you have any questions, please call the office or Pastor Scott.