Associate Pastor

Salary: $50,000

The associate pastor will model the purpose and mission of Blue Mountain Baptist Church: to be disciples of Jesus and make disciples of Jesus. He will support the senior pastor in his leadership of the church and will be an advocate and communicator for the vision of the church, for the glory of God.

  • This position is full time--40 hours a week.
  • We are looking for a utility player. The focus will be 25% youth, 25% worship, 25% technology/social media. and 25% other duties as assigned.
  • Assist with announcements at Sunday morning gatherings.
  • Teach on Sunday mornings as assigned.
  • Create and manage content on the church website, podcasts, and social media.
  • Lead worship for youth group. 
  • Have a vital walk with Jesus Christ evidenced by his faithfulness, passion, and grace.
  • Have a gift and a passion for teaching and preaching the eternal, inerrant, and unalterable Word of God as revealed in the Old and New Testaments.
  • Practice personal one-on-one evangelism and discipleship, and be committed to equip others to do the same.
  • Be humble enough to accept input from those he is leading.
  • Be transparent in church matters.
  • The successful candidate is expected to relocate within the community.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The essential duties and responsibilities of the associate pastor will be carried out in the context of church staff and ministry leaders. These duties include, but are not limited to, the following: ministry of the Word, prayer, leadership, evangelism and discipleship, shepherding and teaching. The associate pastor will work in conjunction with the leadership team, church staff, and ministry leaders in the implementation of the mission and vision of the church.

Ministry of the Word

The associate pastor will be a secondary teacher and preacher for the church, and will exposit God’s Word faithfully, according to sound doctrine. The associate pastor should be committed to teaching the holy Scriptures in a manner that is relevant, authentic, and personally applicable. The associate pastor will:

  1. Teach and lead youth.
  2. Be a clear and articulate speaker.
  3. Assist with the administration of the ordinances of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper in the central gathering.


The associate pastor will spend time praying daily for the ministries of the church and discipling others in the church in the area of prayer.


The associate pastor will plan and lead youth gatherings in collaboration with church staff and volunteers. The associate pastor will cultivate and demonstrate a heart for proclaiming the Gospel in Baker City, Oregon, the surrounding region, and the world, thus continuing Blue Mountain Baptist Church’s active participation in worldwide Gospel advancement. The associate pastor will:

  1. Attend meetings with church staff and volunteers, and work to assist volunteers in achieving their ministry objectives.
  2. Nurture the spiritual health of members and volunteers of Blue Mountain Baptist Church. 

Evangelism and Discipleship

The associate pastor will demonstrate a lifestyle of personal evangelism and discipleship, and oversee its application in congregational life. The associate pastor will:

  1. Support existing outreach ministries, and encourage the development of new outreach ministries.
  2. Encourage and motivate youth to attend the central gathering and youth group meetings.

Shepherding and Teaching

The associate pastor will assist church staff and volunteers in nurturing and administering the overall shepherding ministry of the church. The associate pastor will:

  1. Encourage members to use their gifts to serve within the body.
  2. Engage in personal and professional growth.

Educational and Theological Requirements

Preferred qualifications for this position are two years of experience as a staff member in a ministry leadership position and a bachelor's degree in biblical studies or a related field. The associate pastor must be committed to an orthodox understanding of the Christian faith and adhere to our statement of faith as published on our website. Finally, the associate pastor must love Jesus faithfully and passionately, and lead others to do the same.